Each of our employees have a strong sense of professionalism and are striving daily to improve their skills so as to be able to satisfy our customers' needs all the time.

Qualifications acquisition status

  • Technical Supervisor/16
  • First-Class Landscape Construction Management Engineer/10
  • Second-Class Landscape Construction Management Engineer/3
  • First-Class Civil Engineering Construction Management Engineer/12
  • Second-Class Civil Engineering Construction Management Engineer/3
  • First-Class Landscaping Technician/4
  • Registered Core Landscaping Technician/3
  • Registered Core Exterior Technician/1
  • Street Tree Pruner/55
  • Planting Foundation Diagnostician/2
  • Nature Restoration Technician/2
  • First-Class Exterior Planner/1
  • Second-Class Architect/1
  • First-Class Construction Accountant/1
  • Second-Class Construction Accountant/2

About recruitment

At Teiken, we are looking for people to join us in the creation of greenery and space.
We await your application.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote/consultation.

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